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Patent Attorney Lawyer Wake Forest

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  • A new business model Wake Forest law firm, which has removed all of the big firm inefficiencies and expenses, providing excellent intellectual property services on time and at affordable hourly or flat fee rates.  We are a group of experienced patent attorneys in Wake Forest who have in-house and start-up experience, spent time within the big law firm structure, were former corporate America engineers, and we are inventors as well.


  • A large traditional Wake Forest law firm with excessive hourly rates, unnecessary overhead such as extravagant class-A building rents (mahogany and marble), inexperienced junior attorneys, and a multiple layered structure of associates, partners and equity partners all factored into the big firms hourly rate.

At BG IP Law our team of Patent Attorneys provides excellent personalized legal service.  We make office calls in Wake Forest to come see you, to meet with you or your team in person, and to visualize any prototypes or working models of your invention. In our experience this initial time spent understanding your business, the importance of the invention to you or your team, and the visualization of any prototype results in a more efficient drafting of your patent application.

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Patent Attorney Wake Forest

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