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Patent Attorney Wake Forest

Are you looking for a Patent Attorney in Wake Forest?

Patent Attorney Lawyer Wake Forest

Wake Forest Patent Attorney Lawyer

What are your options?

  • A new business model Wake Forest law firm, which has removed all of the big firm inefficiencies and expenses, providing excellent intellectual property services on time and at affordable hourly or flat fee rates.  We are a group of experienced patent attorneys in Raleigh who have in-house and start-up experience, spent time within the big law firm structure, were former corporate America engineers, and we are inventors as well.


  • A large traditional Wake Forest law firm with excessive hourly rates, unnecessary overhead such as extravagant class-A building rents (mahogany and marble), inexperienced junior attorneys, and a multiple layered structure of associates, partners and equity partners all factored into the big firms hourly rate.

At BG IP Law our team of Patent Attorneys provides excellent personalized legal service.  We make office calls in Wake Forest to come see you, to meet with you or your team in person, and to visualize any prototypes or working models of your invention. In our experience this initial time spent understanding your business, the importance of the invention to you or your team, and the visualization of any prototype results in a more efficient drafting of your patent application.

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How to find a Great Patent Attorney

Patent Attorney Wake Forest

Wake Forest Patent Attorney

Balser & Grell IP Law, LLC, 1300 Longhouse Street, Wake Forest, NC 27587 (919)-825-3309 phone (678) 373-4746 fax

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Cases To Watch In 2015

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Cases To Watch In 2015

Patent Cases To Watch In 2015

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide three patent cases involving claim construction, induced infringement and patent royalties in 2015, while the Federal Circuit grapples with the fallout from the high court’s recent patent-eligibility rulings and the standards for America Invents Act reviews.

Patent Legislation To Watch In 2015

After a bill aimed at cracking down on so-called patent trolls stalled in Congress last year, attorneys expect lawmakers to make a major push to enact legislation on the issue in the coming months, and also possibly weigh measures to clarify patent eligibility and extend the life of some drug patents.

Copyright And Trademark Cases To Watch In 2015

The worlds of copyright and trademark law are going to be anything but soft in 2015, with two trademark cases pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, a showdown between Google and Oracle over software copyrights looming, and more.

Fed. Circ. To Weigh Patent Impact Of ‘Raging Bull’

The Federal Circuit will consider whether the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Raging Bull” decision limiting laches as a defense in copyright cases applies equally to patent law, agreeing to conduct an en banc rehearing of its decision that an adult diaper patent suit was barred by laches because the patent owner waited too long to file suit.

Motorola Urges 9th Circ. To Overturn Landmark RAND Ruling

Motorola Inc. has hit back at Microsoft Corp.’s attempts to kill Motorola’s Ninth Circuit appeal of a decision that Motorola had breached an obligation to license its standard-essential patents to Microsoft on fair terms, saying that Microsoft is trying to evade infringement liability by hiding behind a breach-of-contract suit.


PTAB Says Filing Misstep Dooms Movie Studios’ AIA Bids

The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has rejected petitions by Paramount Pictures Corp. and other Hollywood studios seeking inter partes review of two DVD patents owned by Nissim Corp., ruling that the petitions failed to list all of the interested parties in the dispute.

DC Circ. Voids $200M Judgment In Cuba Torture Row

The D.C. Circuit has refused to let a man who was allegedly tortured while incarcerated in Cuba in the early 1970s execute a $200 million default judgment upon patents and trademark registrations issued to nearly two dozen Cuban research institutes and enterprises, voiding the judgment.

Nexium Buyers Seek New Trial In Pay-For-Delay Case

A group of Nexium buyers has asked a Massachusetts federal court for a new trial over antitrust claims that AstraZeneca PLC and Ranbaxy Inc. used a patent settlement to delay the launch of a cheaper generic version of the heartburn treatment.

NY AG Says Actavis Can’t Suspend Antitrust Injunction

The New York attorney general has urged the Second Circuit to deny Actavis PLC’s bid to hit the brakes on an injunction that prevents it from halting sales of immediate-release dementia drug Namenda while the drugmaker pursues an appeal in the antitrust case, saying patients would be irreparably harmed.


Turtles Say It’s Game Over For Sirius’ ‘Fictional Analysis’

Three weeks after a New York federal refused to reverse her ruling that Sirius XM needs to pay to play pre-1972 records, the band that’s suing the satcaster is urging her to grant it full victory in the case.

9th Circ. Overturns ‘Pom’ Trademark Ruling

The Ninth Circuit this week vacated a lower court’s decision to deny Pom Wonderful LLC a preliminary injunction blocking the sale of a “pur pom” energy drink, saying the trial judge botched the likelihood of confusion analysis.

Google Pushes High Court To Take Up Java Copyright Row

Google Inc. recently told the U.S. Supreme Court that it isn’t trying to undermine copyright protection for all computer code in its battle with Oracle Corp. over the use of its Java programming language, saying only certain parts of the language aren’t copyright-eligible.

Shopping App Maker InMarket Ducks Injunction Bid In TM Suit

A New York federal judge has denied a request by Berkley Networks Corp. to bar rival InMarket Media LLC from using the “inMarket” trademark for its shopping discount app for smartphones, ruling that Berkley Networks can’t get swift court action after years of “lassitude.”

USPTO Satellite Offices

USPTO Satellite Offices – Coming Soon To a Time Zone Near You


December 2014

Patent Case Summaries

Patent Attorney

patent attorneyPatent Attorney

Are you looking for Patent Attorneys in Raleigh?

Here are some tips for finding a Patent Attorney that will fit your needs:
• Patent attorneys are subject matter specific based on their technical degree. For example electrical engineer, software, physics, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, or mechanical engineering, etc.
• Specific job experience can create subject matter expertise.
• Small law firms focusing exclusively on intellectual property often provide specialized attention and service.

• Most patent attorneys are capable of filing patents on mechanical devices and/or systems.
• Look for an entrepreneurial patent attorney (one who has his/her own inventions, issued patents or one who participated in starting a new business).
• In general you get what you pay for, avoid on-line legal service offerings.

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